Mike Pompeo accuses Iran of “Fomenting Terror” during Israel visit

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a conference

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a statement, which is likely to escalate tension in the Middle East. The Secretary of State accused Iran of using its resources to “foment terror.” 

“Even during this pandemic, the Iranians are using the Ayatollah regime’s resources to foment terror across the world, even when the people of Iran are struggling so mightily,” Pompeo said in Jerusalem on 13 May. 

The Secretary of state who is visiting Israel made these statements ahead of his talks with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

Pompeo also added, “It tells you a lot about the soul of those people who lead that country.” This is Pompeo’s first visit abroad after two months due to the ongoing corona pandemic. He is on a one-day visit to Israel. The US administration has kept the pressure on the Iranian regime, with Pompeo campaigning for a further ban on the trading of conventional weapons.

Both Netanyahu and Pompeo were without masks when they met. Welcoming the American leader, Netanyahu praised American efforts to mount pressure on Iran. This country, according to him, was persistent with its “aggressive designs and its aggressive actions against Americans, Israelis, and everyone else in the region.”

The formation of a unity government by Netanyahu and Benny Gantz’s parties had to be postponed yesterday due to the visit of the US diplomat.Other than Iran, the leaders are also likely to discuss Israel’s plans of annexing occupied parts of West Bank. 

The annexation of West Bank is part of US President Donald Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan and has been vehemently opposed by Palestinians.

The Middle East Peace Plan was drawn up in January to annex Jewish settlements and other critical areas in West Bank. Netanyahu’s return to power was cleared by the Israeli Supreme Court last week.The coalition government, can according to an understanding, can start executing annexation of West Bank from 1 July.   

The Palestinians have rejected the US-backed plan. The Palestinian representatives have severed ties with the current US government. Arab countries have also opposed the plan. 

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