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Erdogan ‘the new dictator’ EU condemns actions against municipalities

Turkey’s three largest metropolitan municipalities, of Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir, which are all ruled by the opposition parties, have been accused of running a “parallel state” ….

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Muslim brotherhood comeback to Sudan : the turkey-Qatar game

After the fall of omar al bashir regime the Turkish Qatari alliance succeeded in penetrating Sudan again . Khartoum obtained documented information from Cairo after

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Turkey quarantines thousands of pilgrims coming back from Saudi due to coronavirus outbreak

On Sunday, Turkey isolated thousands of pilgrims coming back from Saudi Arabia, authorities stated, in the wake of recording one more coronavirus case increasing the

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The cease-fire in Idlib, Erdogan lost.

The French newspaper Le Monde described the agreement signed between Moscow and Ankara on Idlib, Syria, as “weak”, stressing that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan acknowledged, on Tuesday, the absence of a full agreement on holding a "quad" summit on Syria March 5th
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Turkey and Russia having talks about joint patrol in Syria’s Idlib

On Thursday, a Turkish authority revealed that Turkey and Russia are having talks over conceivable joint patrol as one path to reach an agreement to

Russia and Turkey are attacking each other in a verbal tussle where Turkey is lashing out at Russia saying
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Russia blames Turkey concerning Syria’s Idlib and dismisses Erdogan’s accusations of aggression

On Wednesday, Russia blamed Turkey of flouting agreements it had reached with Moscow on Syria and for worsening the situation in Idlib. That offensive has