Turkey and Russia having talks about joint patrol in Syria’s Idlib

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan acknowledged, on Tuesday, the absence of a full agreement on holding a "quad" summit on Syria March 5th

On Thursday, a Turkish authority revealed that Turkey and Russia are having talks over conceivable joint patrol as one path to reach an agreement to end fighting and stem a mass civilian migration in Syria’s Idlib area.

Turkey and Russia, which back rival sides in the nine-year-old battle, have deferred agreeing after two rounds of talks over recent two weeks.

Turkey has accepted in about 3.7 million Syrian refugees since the war began. The United Nations says more than 900,000 individuals, mostly women and children, have escaped their homes in Idlib since early December.

As per The Arab News, The Turkish authority stated the discussions with Russia had not been “totally without an outcome.” The conversations had pushed ahead however arrived at no ultimate conclusion, told the official, talking anonymously.

“Different exercises are being examined. For instance, guaranteeing security through Turkish and Russian security officials and holding joint patrol could be conceivable,” the authority stated, including that both Moscow and Ankara anticipated that their leaders should “settle the issue.”

Turkey, which backs rebels attempting to dismiss Syrian President Bashar Assad, has taken steps to utilize military capacity to push back Syrian forces advancing in Idlib except if they pull back by the end of this month. 

Russia, which backs Assad, has told that a Turkish offensive into Idlib would be the “worst-case situation” and that Russia would manage to prevent worsening of the situation. Iran, which too backs Assad, has stated it was prepared to intercede among Turkey and Syria if needed.

According to the Arab News, the authority announced Iran, Russia, and Turkey were scheduled to meet in Tehran one month ahead to talk about Syria, including the progress in Idlib.



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