Turbulence between GCC-Lebanon to soon find a direction


Lebanon LebanonThe situation Lebanon is in presently is arguably the worst phase since its existence. To make things better, it needs to do a lot of work on diplomatic level and it may range from political situations inside as well as outside the country to inter-border relations.

The biggest problem that the country faces is the lack of trust other nations have on the leadership of Lebanon. It is dealing with a major economic meltdown, political stability is not there and the reason the nation has been miserably failing to attain a stable ground due continuous corruption.

Another factor responsible for the situation of the country is the excessive power control practiced by a Shia militia group Hezbollah. To understand how it all works in the nation, one has to go down the road of establishing the ties but the current crisis is between Lebanon and other bordering nations and how it is impacting the nation.

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No western country of financial organization is ready to help Lebanon till it establishes a stable and leadership worthy government but at such a time, it is the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries who can really step up the talks with the country and help it tackle the ongoing crisis.

The diplomatic level partnership between Arab countries and Lebanon has to be worked on with a lot more conviction. Recently, Emmanuel Macron interfered in the matter as he along with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman talked about differences with Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati.

But this is just the start and the moment Mikati feels that it will be a bed of roses from here on, it will cost very deeply to the nation. The only thing that he needs to understand by this phone call is that GCC may agree to a lot of things if Lebanon makes the right initiatives in the correct direction.



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