Lebanon might go into civil war like situation because of Hezbollah


Lebanon LebanonHezbollah, an Iran backed Shia militia group, has a very strong presence over Lebanon and its presence is directly expanding with the kind of pressure it is building on international as well regional bodies.

Talking about the same, the president of the country Michel Aoun showed concern over the growing role of Hezbollah in matters of national interest. Hezbollah has been increasing its interference with every passing day especially in the fuel concerns of the country where it is taking Iran’s help to solve the crisis.

The major problem while taking Iran’s help is that as many of the Arab as well as western nations are against Iran, it will not help Lebanon’s diplomatic relations which are already not good due to careless remarks made by some of its top leaders.

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Now the president is cautious about the militia groups activities and warned a newspaper about it saying that it may lead to Civil War in the nation. In an interview, the top brass said that the continued involvement of Hezbollah can result in an internal explosion in the country.

While visiting Doha ahead for the opening ceremony of the Arab Cup FIFA 2022, Aoun asserted, “Hezbollah is almost besieged and this foreign siege may generate an internal explosion and, if it exceeds its limit, a security explosion.” He was extremely concerned about the damage it could do to the country and hinted at a possible civil war-like situation.

Hezbollah had always had a strong presence in Lebanon but it grew twice as much after the Beirut blast, which happened last year. The blast killed and injured hundreds of people and indirect claims suggested that it was Hezbollah who was behind the attack.

The kind of control Iran has on Hezbollah–from handling its finances to providing it a safe haven–people are worried that in no time Iran will be able to gain complete hegemony of the country and if that happens, Lebanon will be more dependent than ever.

In November, the situation got out of hand as the country was witnessing one of the largest protests in the history of the country as the clashes broke out in Beirut due to the ongoing investigation of the blast. Hezbollah had claimed that the judge leading it, Tarek Bitar, had biased views about the group and hence it would not be a fair result.



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