UN urges Libya to honor those who registered to vote


Libya LibyaThe United Nations has stressed that whatever the conditions may be the reason behind delay in Libyan elections, the authorities must enforce law and order and security and go ahead with the democratic process.

On Thursday, the UN reminded the Libyan authorities that the scheduled presidential and parliamentary elections must be conducted under appropriate conditions. These elections are the only way a peaceful solution to the ongoing political crisis can take place in Libya.

The UN special adviser to Libya also stressed on the same. Stephanie Williams is the one handling the position and she said, “The current challenges in the electoral process should in no way be instrumentalized to undermine the stability and progress which has been achieved in Libya over the past 15 months.”

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The organization also said that it is high time that the leaders or the concerned authorities start honoring the need and desire of the millions of Libyans who had registered to vote. Other than that the UN diplomat stated that the politicians must be focused on proper conduct of the electoral process. By implementing this, the country will witness improved conditions which are also important for the elections to be secure, fair and free. The elections were scheduled for December 24 but were pushed back by a month on Wednesday.

The decision to postpone the elections was suggested by the High National Election Commission as there were ongoing disputes regarding the elections where it was visible that the nation was going through a divisive politics where even the list of candidates were not announced.



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