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What is the reason behind the tussle between Iran-Azerbaijan?

Iran– The situation between Iran and Azerbaijan has been at odds since quite sometime now. The issue majorly involved enthic groups, tribes and regional differences


The French war on terror in the Sahel desert, now Wagner mercenaries are a problem

The last French soldier was killed on Friday morning by a barrage of Kalashnikovs in the Gossi region, near the border with Burkina Faso. Maxime


Afghanistan: Did the Taliban steal Alexander the Great’s treasure?

Where Bactrian’s treasure is, one of the five most important gold collections – about 22,000 pieces – in the world, is a mystery. Mohammad Fahim


Syria’s defence chief calls upon Jordan’s army commander in Amman

Syria’s defence minister met Jordan’s army chief in Amman, Sunday, after Syrian troops got hold of several rebel-held areas near Jordan’s border. State media –

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Hezbollah Tries Messiah Strategy, Sources Oil From Iran Into Lebanon

Lebanon does not seem to find a way out of its crises unless the terrorist designated party Hezbollah does not come to its rescue. Iran


Why is Sudan’s Darfur region still the land for violence and regional threats?

The recent meeting of the Sudanese officials with the UN council showed optimism on the part of the developmental processes in the country but the


Widespread and cross-cutting violence against migrants in Turkey

There were splintered shop windows, signs of stones thrown at the shutters, and cars overturned on the ground blackened by burn marks. That is how

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Lebanon former premier Hassan Diab fled to the US to avoid interrogation

After 13 months, Lebanon finally had a new government. Yesterday, the former premier Hassan Diab, under investigation for responsibility in the Beirut port explosion on


Libya: presented the electoral law but the islamists do not like it

Anyone who aspires to become Libya’s next president will have to leave all posts, both civil and military, within two weeks of today. A draft


Borrell confirmed EU support to Kais Saied in protecting democracy in Tunisia

The EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, conducted a visit to Tunisia last week. He met with President Kaïs Saïed, to whom he