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jordanian forces eliminate drug smugglers near syria

Jordanian forces eliminate 5 drug smugglers near Syria border, infamous for Captagon

On Sunday, Jordanian soldiers intercepted and neutralized five smugglers attempting to bring drugs from Syria, reinforcing border security. Jordanian military forces as of late executed

china’s approach to middle east illuminated by red sea crisis

China’s approach to Middle East illuminated by Red Sea crisis

In March 2023, the worldwide community saw an uncommon conciliatory accomplishment organized by Wang Yi, the previous Chinese External Minister. His part in brokering a

the top popular restaurants in madinah for food lovers
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The Top 8 Popular Restaurants In Madinah For Food Lovers

Among the holiest cities in the world for Muslims is Madinah. Every year, millions of pilgrims travel to Madinah to do the annual Hajj to

france attempts to end israel lebanon hostilities, hezbollah rejects talks

France Attempts To End Israel-Lebanon Hostilities, Hezbollah Rejects Talks

France has presented a written proposal to Lebanon aimed at ending hostilities with Israel and resolving the disputed Lebanon-Israel border. The plan calls for Hezbollah

colorado lawmakers introduce bills to protect renters' rights

Colorado Lawmakers Introduce Bills To Protect Renters’ Rights

Colorado state lawmakers have introduced bills to protect renters’ rights. One bill would require landlords to have a valid reason, like unpaid rent, before evicting

jordan king abdullah condemns israel

Jordan’s monarch condemns Oct 7 violence, calls for prolonged ceasefire discussions

King Abdullah urges global action for achieving comprehensive peace, emphasizing the need for intensified efforts and diplomatic collaboration. King Abdullah of Jordan has made a

Biden, Netanyahu Discuss Tense Situation In Rafah

Biden, Netanyahu Discuss Tense Situation In Rafah, Gaza On Phone Call

In a recent phone call, U.S. President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed the tense situation in Rafah, Gaza.  This 45-minute call,

amal maher refutes rumors of being kidnapped

Amal Maher Refutes Rumors Of Being Kidnapped, Reveals Her Illness Cause

The popular Egyptian singer, Amal Maher addressed rumors and concerns about her well-being during an interview with journalist Amr Adeeb on the “Al-Hekaya” program.  Maher

google rebrands ai chatbot bard to gemini

Google Rebrands AI Chatbot Bard To Gemini, Introduces Paid Version

Google has changed the name of its AI chatbot Bard to Gemini. They have also introduced a new, more advanced version called Gemini Ultra 1.0. 

pakistan suspends its internet services

Pakistan Suspends Its Internet Services, Closes Borders To Held PM Election

Today, Pakistan is holding an election to choose its next Prime Minister. The competition is mainly between Nawaz Sharif from the Pakistan Muslim League and