Amr Salama’s ’60 Egyptian Pounds’ Shows Egypt’s Hip-Hop Scene

amr salamas 60 egyptian pounds shows egypts hip hop scene

Amr Salama’s latest movie 60 Egyptian Pounds, which is set to premiere at El Gouna Film Festival, spotlights Egypt’s hip-hop scene and domestic abuse. The acclaimed Egyptian director shared that he was very curious to explore rap as an art form. 

60 Egyptian Pounds stars Ziad Zara, a real-life Egyptian rap star, who is well known for trending tracks such as Zaza, Leh, Basha, and Karreta Sarrefa etc. He plays the role of a fictitious rapper with an abusive father. The main character takes it upon him to take care of the struggling household. Salama told Deadline that working on the yet to premier film was a refreshing experience. He shared it was liberating to add such a storyline, which added authenticity and turned it into a great story. 

Ziad Zara’s Song 60 Geneh – 60 Egyptian Pounds

Salama in an earlier interview said he knew he wanted to cast Ziad Zara ever since he heard his unreleased song 60 Geneh. “I sat with him and heard where the story came from.” He said that is the story of his life and upbringing. “I was inspired to write a short film that can serve as its music video, but also stands as a drama short film.” 

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Salama highlighted that he has been following the trap genre for quite some time. “I’m inspired by the authenticity and rawness of the music and lyrics. I can easily say we’ll witness a new generation of visual storytellers with unique aesthetics and styles.” 

Amr Salama, a Seasoned Filmmaker

And now, MAD Solutions has bought the exclusive world sales rights of 60 Egyptian Pounds. Alaa Karkouti and Maher Diab, the co-heads of MAD Solutions, applauded Amr Salama and his revolutionary films. 

They described the Egyptian director as a seasoned filmmaker. MAD Solutions said 60 Egyptian Pounds focuses on the Egyptian community. Its core concepts are universal and will appeal to everyone who comes across the short-film.



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