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Thousands of Tunisians March and Object to President Saied’s ‘Power Grab

Tunisia–On Sunday, Thousands of Tunisians marched and demanded that the country’s constitution be regarded and called for the impeachment of President Kaïs Saied.  Saied granted


Kavala case: It is time for the EU to take concrete action against the Turkish regime

Turkey–Kavala case: It is time for the Nothing has changed in Turkey. The pressure of the European Union for the sultan to respect human rights


Lebanese PM Mikati Mobilizes Committee For Talks With IMF

Lebanon–Lebanon government has finally got down to organizing a committee that can tackle the economic meltdown and speak to the International Monetary Fund. The country


Qatar-Taliban finalise deal for supply of natural gas: Source

The mediation of Iranian officials between Qatar and Taliban has led the two countries to reportedly finalise a deal regarding the supply of natural gas.


Sudan Government blames pro-Bashir groups for the attack

Sudanese authorities reported a coup attempt today morning by a group of soldiers but said the attempt failed and that the country’s ruling council and