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how is egypt scrambling to manage mass exodus at the rafah border
Middle East

How is Egypt scrambling to manage mass exodus at the Rafah Border

In recent weeks, a humanitarian disaster has opened up as thousands of Palestinians fled the Gaza Strip to try to find refuge in Egypt. Their exodus was

top 10 places to visit in jizan to explore nature and rich heritage
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Top 10 Places To Visit In Jizan To Explore Nature And Rich Heritage

The port city of Jizan is situated in Saudi Arabia’s southwest. It is located on the Red Sea shore, west of Abha. Jizan has one

iran suffers sabotage targeting the nation’s primary gas pipeline
Middle East

Iran suffers sabotage targeting the nation’s primary gas pipeline

Iran’s Minister of Oil uncovered on state TV that two blasts along the country’s principal gas pipeline network were the aftereffect of treachery. Regardless of

biden calls on israel for safety of civilians in rafah

Biden calls on Israel to ensure safety of civilians in Rafah

US President Joe Biden’s concern for the lives of people in Rafah on Monday outlined the commitment to address humanitarian crises worldwide. President Joe Biden

un accuses israel of war crime in gaza 'buffer zone'

UN Accuses Israel of War Crime in Gaza ‘Buffer Zone’

The United Nations has condemned Israel’s actions along the Gaza border, labeling them as a war crime. According to Volker Turk, the UN’s rights chief,

tensions in the middle east drive oil prices up

Tensions in the Middle East Drive Oil Prices Up

Oil prices rose today amidst ongoing tensions in the Middle East. The focus remains on the conflict in the Gaza Strip, where efforts for a

south lebanon and israel's diplomatic stand
Middle East

Unraveling the Complex Dynamics: Tensions in South Lebanon and Israel’s Diplomatic Stand

In recent statements, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz emphasized the urgency of finding a diplomatic solution in south Lebanon amidst escalating tensions between the two

icj takes on israel's genocidal actions

Beyond Borders: ICJ Takes on Israel’s Genocidal Actions

In a groundbreaking move at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), South Africa has challenged the impunity enjoyed by Israel for its actions over the

suez canal disruptions

Sea Change: UN Report Sheds Light on Suez Traffic’s 40% Reduction

In a startling revelation, the United Nations has disclosed a distressing 40% plunge in commercial traffic transiting the Suez Canal over the past two months,

houthis hit trafigura oil tanker by missile

Houthis Hit Trafigura Oil Tanker By Missile In Red Sea, Fire Breaks Out On Board

An oil tanker named Marlin Luanda, managed by Trafigura, was hit by a missile in the Gulf of Aden after crossing the Red Sea. This