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Ethiopia claims Somalia, Eritrea started deploying troops against it

Somalia and Eritrea have reportedly sent their troops to fight the approaching Tigray community in Ethiopia. They have been accused of helping the nation fight

Middle East

Israel delays major settlement plan for East Jerusalem

Israel– An Israeli state planning committee delayed granting further approval of a major settlement project in East Jerusalem on Monday. The project has drawn US


How Syndicate Needs To Come Together For The Larger Good Of Lebanon

lebanon–Lebanon isn’t looking at getting any respite in the professional syndicate elections as opposing factions are refusing to come on a common ground. This includes


Algeria’s major political parties maintain their power in local elections

Algeria–Based on official results, the parties that backed Algerian President Habib Bourguiba’s governing majority dominated municipal and regional elections, while Islamist groups saw their support


Moderna and other vaccines not as effective against Omicron: Moderna CEO

The CEO of Moderna has warned those getting vaccinated by the vaccine that they should be cautious of the latest Covid-19 variant Omicron as the


Algerian soldiers kill two Saharawi civilians

Algeria–The Algerian army fired on a group of Sahrawi civilians, who carried out the activity of gold seekers who lived in the fields of Tindouf

Middle East

World cup: Why Qatar is spying FIFA?

Qatar– Fifa also becomes the object of a real war between spies. According to an investigation by the Associated Press, Qatar has recruited a former


Reconciliation between Syria and the Arab League: A sign for Washington

Syria– The position of the Gulf countries on Syria took a radical turn when it took strong classes against the Islamic groups that took power


COP26: Politicians and Activists Cautiously Welcome the US-China Climate Change Accord

United States– The world’s top two carbon emission nations, The United States and China, made a surprise announcement on Wednesday stating that the two nations

Middle East

JCPOA: Biden assures of compliance from its end until Tehran revokes

Tehran–President Joe Biden of United States of America has addressed one of the major concerns of Tehran and a key negotiating demand related to the