AU and IGAD Working With Arab League and UN to End Sudan War

arab league and un to end sudan war

The African Union (AU) and Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) are striving to end the Sudan war that is affecting the continent. They have come up with a vision to end the ongoing war through a comprehensive political process. It also involves the Arab League and the UN.

The political process, called the national intra-Sudanese dialogue, includes all components. The AU and IGAD believe forming a national mechanism for the preparatory conference. More meetings and talks will be held to pull in more stakeholders. Workshops will also be held for the respective political parties.

The Sudan war is all about power struggle between the Abdel Fattah Al Burhan-led Sudanese army and Mohamed Hamdan Daglo-led Rapid Support Forces (RSF). More than 9,000 people have been killed in the conflict, and over a million people have been displaced.

Peace Meetings to Stop Sudan War

Political parties in Sudan and governments of neighboring countries have taken it upon themselves to push for peace. In July, South Sudan and AU agreed to end the war in Sudan. President Salva Kirr of South Sudan has been in discussions with regional leaders to expedite coordinated efforts and mechanisms to spur ceasefire talks.

He wants the entire transitional government of national unity to engage in any efforts to stop the war in Sudan. Kirr called for unifying visions and initiatives to resolve the crisis in line with the roadmap developed by the AU and other initiatives. This includes ceasefire, humanitarian aid, and establishment of a comprehensive political dialogue.

Following several rounds of talks, leaders of the armed groups are set to review the Juba Peace agreement and forge a shared understanding of how to resolve the current crisis. The peace signatories are expected to take a neutral position since the outbreak of the war between the two conflicted parties.

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No Military Solution for Sudan Crisis

The Sudanese army and RSF have realized there’s no military solution to their differences. There now see there’s no end to the war. Furthermore, the warring parties have been accused of ethnic cleansing.

Andrew Mitchell, the UK Minister for Africa, blamed this on RSF militants. But the RSF has denied any involvement in the violence in the region and has called for an independent international investigation. “Innocent people are being attacked by militias, particularly the RSF. They are hounded from their homes and murdered, women are being raped and attacked, houses are being burnt, crops and cattle destroyed.”



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