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Twenty-one ISIS militants killed by Russian raids in Syria, Observatory for Human Rights says

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announced today, Saturday, that 21 ISIS militants have been killed in Russian raids in the Badia region in south-eastern

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‘Supporting respect for the principles of the Republic’- A Promising Macron Bill Advantage

French President Emmanuel Macron’s landmark project has seen approval as the newly passed bill will now acknowledge that mosques, schools and sports clubs cannot overlook

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NATO expands its training mission in Iraq from five hundred to four thousand soldiers

NATO expands the training mission in Iraq. The current contingent of five hundred men will gradually rise to four thousand. The purpose of the maneuver,

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Afghanistan, Taliban car bomb attack kills two professors in Kabul

For Afghan fanatics all citizens are dangerous, anyone who can support his opinion, who contests the dogmatic reading of Islam and their falsehoods, anyone who


Yemen government and rights groups urge international community to intervene to halt Houthi’s Marib invasion

Recent offensive launched by Houthi rebels in Marib , invited strong condemnation from Yemeni government officials and various rights groups, which urged international community for


In a shocking retaliation move, Facebook decides to blackout news in Australia

On Thursday, in an unexpected retaliatory move, Facebook blocked Australians from sharing news. Therefore, heightening a dispute with the government authority about whether big tech

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Kuwait, emir postpones the National Assembly sessions by one month

A statement shared via Twitter by the Kuwaiti government said that the emir, Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, has issued a decree to postpone the


Bolton’s take on US Middle East strategy, warns against Iran’s intent for nuclear commitments

John Bolton, former US security advisor who worked for the previous administration, led by Donald Trump, expressed his take on the current US strategy towards


Nasrallah lashes out against Israel: “If you hit our cities, we will destroy your colonies”

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, secretary-general of the Lebanese group Hezbollah, cautioned Israel on Tuesday against carrying out intimidation operations, referring to Israeli combat exercises that have

Middle East

Yemeni government worries over cancellation of Houthi classification as terror group

Last week, US administration announced that it would be lifting terrorist designation of Al-Houthis, the Iran-backed extremist outfit. The rebel Yemeni organisation was earlier added