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Kais Saied Governance Receives Mass Rejections In Tunisia

Another country is yet again trying to protect its democracy. Its Tunisia this time which is protesting against brazen seize of power by the President

Middle East

CIA warns of al-Qaeda resurgence in Afghanistan

Al-Qaeda militants may soon return to Afghanistan after US troops withdraw and the Taliban return to power. “We are already beginning to see some indications

Middle East

Afghanistan, women take to the streets in Herat and challenge the Taliban

Pending the announcement of the new Afghan government, which will finally discover the cards on the table, many questions remain unresolved. Dozens of fearless activists


Taliban celebrates as world powers comes to their shackles

Bringing more disturbing news for India, Al-Qaeda congratulated the Taliban on their victory in Afghanistan, saying it is time for the next stage of jihad.


Neighbouring countries demand foreign forces withdrawal from Libyan territory

The meeting of foreign ministers of Libya’s neighboring countries ended with an agreement on the withdrawal of mercenaries and foreign forces from Libyan territory and

Middle East

Tons of oil off Syria costs risk to flood Cyprus

Turkey, the only one to recognize Northern Cyprus, has already sent ships and rescue teams. Still, many say: “Cooperation with the unseen authorities in the

Middle East

Iraq towards elections, concerns about US withdrawal grow

Popular religious leader Muqtada al Sadr was furious when he decided to boycott the upcoming Iraqi elections. In a speech broadcast on television, Al Sadr


EXCLUSIVE: Libya, Tripoli still under militias chaos

Ten years after the Revolution that overthrew Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the capital of Libya, Tripoli, remains in the chaos of armed militias outside state control.


Pakistan army kills 11 IS militants in a raid

Police officials of Pakistan reported that in raid Pakistan’s counter-terrorism units raided a hideout of the Islamic State group in Baluchistan province before dawn yesterday


Consultative Conference of Libya’s Neighbouring Countries first day ended

The work of the first day of the ministerial meeting of the neighbouring countries of Libya ended on Monday evening, in the presence of all