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Libya fights against human traffickers as migrants’ departures across the Mediterranean increase

In recent days, Europe is witnessing an increase in the departures of migrants from the North African coast, which coincides with the improvement in weather

Middle East

Why Is Russia Invested In Portable Docks Near Syria?

Russia is now planning to build a floating dock, off the Syrian coast. This is not good news for Syria at all. While the world


Tunisia in disarray, increased infections and victims. Economic and social crisis with no return

In recent days, Tunisia has exceeded 11,000 victims according to data of Tunis Health Ministry, recording a positivity rate of over 25 percent and an


Hamas fires rockets at Jerusalem, 20 people killed including 9 children

The battle on the Temple Mount turned into an open confrontation with Gaza after Hamas’s ultimatum to Israel. At 6 pm, more than 30 rockets


Calls for lockdown intensify as India’s surge in COVID-19 cases continues

Calls grew for India to nod to a nationwide lockdown as new coronavirus deaths and cases held close to record highs on Monday. As reported

Middle East

Why Lebanon Is Going To Lose Turkish Electricity Too?

Accruing to the worst financial crises that Lebanon has faced in over a decade, it is now under fire for going dark. Running its services


The Libyan Coast Guard shoots the Italians, with the same boat Rome donated them

The ship of the Libyan Coast Guard that fired off Libya on Thursday against the two Italian fishing boats Artemide and Aliseo from Mazara del


Libya, the appointment of a new intelligence chief awakens militias in Tripoli

The leaders of the armed groups of the Libyan capital raided the headquarters of the Presidential Council to demand the removal of the Foreign Minister


Tunisia announces a new lockdown during the Aid el-Fitr holidays

To deal with the third wave of infections, Tunisia announced on Friday a general lockdown that will go into effect from 9 to 16 May,


How Cheap Man’s Cocaine Runs Syrian And Lebanese Economies

Captagon pills fitted inside pomegranates are the new supply doing rounds from the war ravaged Middle Eastern country of Syria. In a shocking revelation, it