Britain reports world’s first known death from Omicron variant of Covid-19


United Kingdom United KingdomBritain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed the UK’s first known death from the Omicron variant of coronavirus on Monday. He further said that the UK (United Kingdom) is facing a “tidal wave” of cases from the Omicron variant of Covid-19. The new variant has shown a higher resistance to vaccines in Britain. It is a highly transmissible variant than other variants of Covid-19.

After confirming the death, PM Boris Johnson urged the citizens to get their top-up booster vaccine doses which are now being offered to all adults aged 18 and over in the UK. Subsequently, people gathered at vaccination centers across the country after hearing the news.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid on Omicron

The news of the death came on a day when Health Secretary Sajid Javid warned that the new variant is spreading at a phenomenal rate. Reportedly, in the UK, COVID-19 infections are continuing to double every two to three days. The Health Secretary told BBC, “We are clearly once again in a race between the virus and the vaccine“. He further urged people to focus on urgent needs of vaccination for a few weeks to improve the situation in the country. Reportedly, the UK’s COVID alert level has been raised to level four. Ten people are admitted to the hospital with the new COVID variant. Now, one patient has been confirmed to have died with Omicron, which makes the situation worse.

Recently, the government announced Plan B guidance for the workers amid the Omicron variant. People in the country are now expected to work from home if they can to improve their condition. Plan B also means stricter mask rules for indoor spaces. People need to wear masks to control the escalation of Covid-19. The government also made it compulsory to take COVID vaccination pass for venues that will come in from Wednesday.



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