China pledges emergency aid to Afghanistan


China vows emergency aid to Afghanistan amounting to 200 million yuan or $31 million. The aid would majorly be in form of Covid-19 vaccines and food supplies to the Asian country facing turmoil with Taliban takeover. With this Beijing has reiterated its desire to initiate communication with the newly appointed Taliban government.

Beijing has been clear on its opinion that new interim Taliban government was a “necessary step to restore order” in the country. This week the group announced interim cabinet in Afghanistan with declaration of the country as an “Islamic Emirate”.

On Wednesday, the aid measures to Afghanistan were announced in a meeting by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi along with supplements from neighbours Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. He added that China would be providing 3 million Covid-19 vaccine doses to Afghanistan.

Beijing hasn’t shied away from criticizing USA for its troops withdrawal from Afghanistan that wrecked havoc in the country. “What the US did in Afghanistan over the past two decades is a textbook example which shows us the consequences of wanton military intervention and attempts to impose one’s own ideology and values on others,” said Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin. A state official said the US had inflicted “serious damage on the Afghan people from the very first day of its invasion to the last minute of its withdrawal”.

Taliban has been quite receptive of China’s friendly advances with the group leaders calling Beijing as Afghanistan’s most crucial partner. Hopes are pinned on the Chinese government to invest for rebuilding the war torn country.

Beijing has displayed strategic and serious efforts to establish good terms with Taliban even before the group took over Afghanistan. In July, China had invited representatives of the group and offered economic support to the country. But the point was made clear that Afghan soil should not be used to foster terrorists or their activities.



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