Djibouti: Soldiers Help Fix The Only Well In Chabelley Village


Djibouti DjiboutiDjibouti only sees around 4.7 inches of the average annual rainfall. It makes a reliable water source as precious as gold. With so little rainfall, a reliable water source is needed in the country. Djibouti faces extreme water scarcity, exacerbated by population growth and climate change.

In December, United States (U.S) Army Soldiers helped the residents of the village in Djibouti. The U.S. Army Soldiers and Chabelley villagers worked hand-in-hand to fix a leak in their only source of drinking water. They moved large rocks, dug trenches and replaced a damaged coupling.

Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa helps the villagers

Soldiers with the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa helped the villagers by giving them potable water. Chabelley is the home of nearly 1,000 inhabitants. All the villagers rely on their well for their basic needs. Rain is infrequent in the semi-arid environment, and losing any amount of water is devastating to the community.

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In an Army press release, 1st Lt. James Fortson, construction management officer for the 712th Engineer Support Company, said that the well was the only water source for the villagers. He further said that the mismatched coupling caused the leak on the well. CJTF-HOA tracked the leak for several months. Subsequently, they decided to help the villagers in fixing the well. Sgt. Beau Heithoff, a CJTF-HOA engineer specialist with the 67th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade headquarters, helped residents to destroy the old coupling and fix the new pieces in place. The villagers and Soldiers tackled the project together and completed the repair of the well in less than a day.

Since 2009, Djibouti has been negatively affected by drought and its consequences on the rural and urban vulnerable communities. Precipitation levels have dropped significantly to approximately half. Reportedly, many people still lack access to improved toilets in the country.



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