Elections in Libya: Khalifa Haftar announces his run for the presidency


Libya LibyaKhalifa Haftar, who previously suspended himself from the post of commander-general of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces as required by the law governing presidential elections, announced his candidacy for the presidency of Libya this morning, Tuesday, November 16. Khalifa Haftar, 78, for years considered the strong man of Benghazi, after completing the procedures for the candidacy, in a speech on live television, said: “in these fateful historical moments, in which doubt and hope are mixed, hopes for security, peace, and stability have begun to loom on the horizon, despite desperate attempts to preserve the bleak status quo.”

“Today, our country finds itself at the crossroads of two unimaginable paths, the path of freedom and peace, and the path of tension, absurdity, and conflict, and only the Libyans must choose the path. After not a few years in which you have suffered what you have suffered, the doors of hope have opened before you to rebuild your state and choose your government”. Haftar added, addressing the Libyans.

“On this happy occasion – he continued – I would like to greet the loyal national forces for their efforts to achieve this goal. Furthermore, I greet the initiatives presented by fellow countries and friends who have contributed to pushing towards democratic options and soliciting the holding of presidential elections and parliamentarians as the only way out of the crisis and the best way to bring Libya back to the right Nations’ path.” Haftar then declared: “In response to these efforts and initiatives, and compliance with the rules of democracy and implementation of the road map agreed by the Libyans, I announce my candidacy for the presidency, not as a request for power or a search for a position. But rather to lead our people towards pride, progress, and prosperity”.

He stressed that “this historical moment is not worthy of vain promises and leveraging emotions. Rather, it is a sincere national moment for the discourse of reason and conscience. Consequently, throughout my journey, I promise you to side with you in defense of our national principles, first of all, the unity, independence, sovereignty, dignity, and security of Libya. If we are destined to take the presidency, we have inexhaustible ideas, and some men and women help the country achieve rebirth and progress. There are many gifts and blessings in Libya. If they are put in good hands to manage and direct them, the future of the country will not be in doubt”.

Haftar concluded his speech to the Nation, saying: “I invite you to exercise your role with awareness and responsibility and to direct your voices where they should be directed so that the path of construction and stability can begin because your role will not end with the polls, but it is the beginning of a path towards a free and stable Libya.”



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