Ethiopian PM Enters Battleground To Secure Peace For Nation


Ethiopia EthiopiaThe Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed has released a video with him dressed in a military outfit vowing revenge and action in words like “bury the enemy”. This is being termed as his first message from the battlefront according to state media, as the UN warned the year-long conflict has left millions short of food.

An ongoing war has put immense pressure on UN food aid that has been flowing into the lives of nine million Ethiopians. The UN aid is literally feeding the whole nation. Tigrayan rebels captured massive parts of the country, adding on to their territorial gains. This week, they have claimed a town just 220 kilometers (135 miles) from Addis Ababa. This has led many countries to recall their diplomats back, closing down embassies as emergency situation seems to be gripping the country. International alarm is obvious over the escalating conflict that has deepened over the months.

Apparently, as a former lieutenant-colonel in the military, Mr. Abiy is now reportedly arrived at the front line to lead a counter-offensive against the rebels, handing regular duties to his deputy. The 2019 Nobel Peace Prize winner has said to the local media that he was certain of achieving victory against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) rebel group.

Expressing confidence that the enemy did not have a standing, the PM further added that the military had secured control of Kassagita and planned to recapture Chifra district and Burka town in Afar region, which neighbors Tigray, the TPLF’s stronghold.

Strangely, the television interview was broadcasted hours after the government announced new rules against sharing information on battlefield outcomes that was not published by official channels, a move that could bring sanctions against journalists. The same was done by the PM of the country itself. It is worth noting that the war has exacted a huge humanitarian toll, with the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) saying Friday that the number of people requiring food aid in the country’s north had surged to more than nine million.



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