EU denies UK’s request on revising Northern Ireland Brexit protocol


The United Kingdom has mentioned to the E.U. that it wants to revamp Northern Ireland Brexit protocols. The U.K. says that the Northern Ireland protocol was, however, flawed at inception but served its mission by successfully making Britain exit the E.U.

The European Commission quickly ruled out a renegotiation of the agreement; however, the commission is understood to be available to specific changes on the special arrangements for Northern Ireland.

The Protocol was concurred in Oct. 2019 to back up to the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and went through the additional negotiations last year. It forestalls customs checks and a compelling land border between Northern Ireland, which is part of the U.K., and the Republic of Ireland, which remain with the E.U.

On Wednesday, Lord Frost, the British government’s Brexit minister, told Parliament that the deal needs sharp changes and asked the E.U. to rethink, contending that “we can’t go on as we are” given the “febrile political environment” in the region, Frost added. The U.K. is trying to reduce most checks on goods travelling within Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

On Tuesday, in a telephone conversation with Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin, PM Boris Johnson stated that the Protocol is currently running in practice, creating “significant disruption” for the citizens of Northern Ireland.

Before the U.K. elections in 2019, Johnson had guaranteed unrestricted trade access between Northern Ireland and the remainder of the U.K.

Britain says the protocol changes would reduce hindrances to supermarkets, online customers and businesses, and secure the tomorrow of British supermarts in Northern Ireland.

Frost contended that E.U. relations would remain bitter if an agreement on the Protocol were not addressed and urged Brussels to “revert to a normal treaty structure similar to other international forms”.



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