Hazza bin Al-Marri pledges to go on hunger strike after ill-treatment in Qatari prisons

Hazza bin Al-Marri

After the Qatari cabinet’s approval of a change in Shura council law, trends with people supporting the boycott of these elections began on social media. This was the time when a member of the Arab Al-Murra tribe in Qatar was highlighted. His name is Hazza bin Ali Al-Marri.

He was among the leaders who supported the foundation of the country and also helped in establishing the system in the country. Following his support for boycott campaigns on social media that completely disregard the council law calling it partial, he has been subjected to severe treatment in the country.

Al-Marri is an important figure for Qatar’s history and despite his inheritance and background, the lawyer is being treated far from descent by the Qatari authorities. He had completely ratified the recently passed law as he stressed that the law is partial towards some of the segments of the society.

People openly advocated transparency in the electoral practices in the last 10 days and Al-Marri was among the people to lead this campaign from the front. People’s disappointment over the law was clear when a report suggested that over 60 percent of the population of the country thinks the recently brought changes as partial.

For Al-Marri, it was a personal affair as the law especially excluded the Al-Murraa tribe of Qatar. The law essentially deprives the right of this tribe to be re-elected and take charge of the departments of the council. Last year. The Qatari regime has approved of a rule that forcefully withdrew nationalities of the tribe.

“Denying members of his tribe from candidacy means that they are Mamluks, as he put it, and that they will reject the decision even if they are imprisoned,” said Al-Marri in a video message sent to the Emir of the country. When he saw that there was no response from the authorities, he participated in peaceful protests that included the members who were excluded from the council elections.

Despite it being a peaceful protest, Qatari authorities arrested him a day after on charges of creating unrest in the country. His arrest began trending on twitter with people coming in huge numbers to demand for his release as it was only a peaceful protest and they were demonstrating with their own will and not compulsion.

His arrest was then followed by concerns of his treatment in the Qatari prisons. Qatari prisons are notorious for ill-treatment of prisoners, especially those involved in activities that are against the current regime. The prisoners are subjected to torture, beating and living off a poor lifestyle inside the prison.

It came as a no surprise when the news about his disrespectful treatment started doing rounds. But the concern grew further when the leader had pledged to go on a hunger strike following his mistreatment in the jails.



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