Imran Khan Smiles Over His Arrogance As Court Drops Charges After Formal Apology


Imran Khan might have realised he can’t get ahead of the judicial system after all. After the ex-Pakistani PM apologized, charges have been dropped against him by the high court. The former PM had made controversial comments that landed him into trouble.

His comments had invited contempt charges that were filed at the Islamabad High Court. He was then given a time period of seven days to respond against charges levied on him over contemptuous words spoken about a Pakistan magistrate.

Comments were made by him in a rally speech, where he went onto criticise the magistrate responsible for keeping a party leader in police custody, after also claiming that the official had been tortured.

“The respondent takes this opportunity to express his deep regrets over his unintentional utterances during the course of his speech,” Mr. Khan said in formal reply submitted to the court before the hearing — a copy of which was obtained by AFP and has later been circulated amongst the other media agencies.

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“Those utterances were unintentional and not meant to be directed towards the lady judge for whom he has a lot of respect,” looks like a definite deflection to the term sentence that he might get if he had not handed over a written apology.

The original reply submitted by Mr. Khan last week was rejected by the court, but his latest response still did not offer an apology and instead asked to court to accept his “explanation.” “The respondent beseeches that the said Islamic principles of… forgiveness would also be followed in this case,” it said.

Mr. Khan, who is chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party, had reportedly warned judge Zeba Chaudhry and the judiciary of consequences over what he described as a “biased” attitude towards his party.

While an arrest warrant was issued against him, the charges have now been dropped. Mr. Khan has seen himself being pulled into multiple legal cases since he was ousted.



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