Truce Between Warring Factions Comes To Knots End In Yemen Over Iranian Interference


Yemen’s civil war has entered its eight year, but despite best efforts by the UN and Western countries, there has been no peace to be seen. Every peace movement has been fragile and Iran backed Houthis have disrupted the efforts.

Houthis have called the truce efforts as a ‘dead end’ terming the efforts by Saudi led government in Yemen deceiving the people. These two warring sides continue to lock horns, leaving truce efforts of April 2022 gone down the drain. Under the UN directions, a ceasefire was put in place and an agreement had to be reached till yesterday (October 02). But unfortunately, that has not happened.

The Yemeni government has accused the Iran-backed Houthi group of dealing with the truce as an “opportunity to blackmail and put Iran’s interests ahead of the interests of the Yemeni people.” But somehow, Iran has been able to pressure the Houthis into forwarding their own agenda of the nuclear deal.

The Houthis had agreed over US brokered terms as well; but then flipped and retracted from the October 02 deadline over an agreement.

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There had been some positive progress from the April truce that came about with UN intervention. Al-Houthis have been demanding justice against attacks from Saudi Arabia. This has been seen as one big reason why things between them and the other side of the truce in Yemen have fallen apart. On the flipside, the Kingdom has condemned the volley of attacks through drones that have been focused on energy sources by Houthis.

The Kingdom regularly intercepts and prevents the damage; but amidst energy crises and price escalations worldwide, protecting their largest source of revenue is becoming an increasing challenge.

Widely seen as a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the continued fighting has led to the displacement of millions and the world’s largest humanitarian crisis.

Both the United Nations and the United States urged the Houthis to join the negotiating table as it continues to take control of government-held Marib city in Yemen.

The truth of the matter remains that Iran pulls the strings on Houthis as they supply them with arms, ammunition and technological know-how to continue their war in Yemen. Houthis, continue to feel threatened by Saudi Arabia and its power over energy resources, making it easy for Tehran to play fiddle.



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