Iraq’s cutting back compensation sparks anger among Rafha demonstrators

Libya LibyaThe Prime Minister of the Libyan Government of National Unity, Abdel Hamid al-Dbeibah, addressed a speech to the Libyan people in the historical eastern region of Cyrenaica on Tuesday evening through the multimedia platform “Our Government.” “This conflict and all the wars that have taken place cannot be considered a regional conflict, but it is a purely political struggle,” Al-Dbeibah said.

“I’ve never been a regionalist, and I won’t be now. I will not accept the division of Libya, nor any division between Libyans. My government is called of national unity, and therefore it is at the service of all Libyans”. He thundered the Premier at the head of the transition executive. The speech comes a few days after announcing the formation of a government team for an official internal work mission to Benghazi for a week. It would conduct visits to various public bodies and government offices. The team was also tasked with meeting Deputy Prime Minister Hussein Al-Qatrani and urging him to return to work.

On October 10, a statement signed by “Cyrenaica officials in the government of national unity” accused the prime minister of failing to undertake to implement the terms of the political agreement and the guidelines of the LPDF road map to unify institutions and apply an equitable distribution of resources among the three regions of Libya. The United Nations Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) immediately expressed concern, inviting the Al-Dbeibah executive to resolve these internal disputes and urging all parties to work for the country’s good, focusing on their primary objective: lead Libya to elections.

During his speech last night, the prime minister said that never in history have so many millions of dinars been allocated for Cyrenaica. He indicated that 37% of the wp:paragraph –>

On Monday, Iraqi military denied killing anyone during the Rafha protests. As per the reports, police fired to scare away the demonstrations who were heading towards Baghdad’s Green Zone, a government district that is mostly not accessible for to ordinary Iraqis.

Army spokesman Yehya Rasoul said that the military sent back the buses full of demonstrators for not adhering to coronavirus restrictions. The army “repelled” protestors who tried to attack the country’s armed forces, without using weapons and “without a single casualty”, Mr Rasoul said. He added, “The security forces are committed to preserve the constitutional rights of peaceful demonstrators.”



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