“IRINI to increase cooperation with Libya on arms and oil embargoes,” Borrell says


The EU’s High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, conducted a mission to Libya in recent days to take stock of the latest developments with the new executive for the transposition of Abdel Hamid al Dbeibah. In a joint press conference with Tripoli Foreign Minister Najla Al Mangoush on Thursday in the Libyan capital, Borrell underlined the European Mission Eunavformed IRINI important role in maintaining the peace in Libya.

Furthermore, Borrell reportedly discussed with Libyan authorities how to increase cooperation with the European naval operation Irini, which acts under a mandate from the UN Security Council. “With this operation, the European Union is the only presence to monitor compliance with the arms embargo and helps combat illicit oil exports from Libya,” said the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, speaking to the press.

“Looking to the long term, the EU would like to offer Libya the vast experience we have developed by supporting many partners who rebuild their state structures during their transitions. The European Union is ready to put in place a broad capacity-building program to help Libya. to strengthen its institutions, at the central and local level, if required. ” Joseph Borrell added, underlining that “Renewing the legitimacy of Libyan institutions, reaffirming Libyan sovereignty and stabilizing the country for all its people are objectives that we believe must go hand in hand.”

The Libyans of the 5 + 5 Joint Military Committee decided to cease hostilities on 23 October. Both sides of the Libyan military (the LNA and the GNU affiliated forces) asked all foreign troops and mercenaries to withdraw from the country. Still, this appeal went unheard by Russia, Turkey, and some Gulf countries.

Therefore, they decided to dissolve the armed groups and create reunified military institutions. Borrell reiterated to his Libyan interlocutors that the European Union supports these objectives. “We are ready to help the Libyan government reform the security sector, also through our European Union border assistance mission already active in Tripoli, its director Natalina Cea was present at our meeting.” He stated.

To give concrete examples, Borrell explained that the EU is already helping build barracks where officials from all parts of Libya will live together. The European Union is already supporting the Joint Police Force on the coastal road connecting the eastern region and the west of Libya, and “we are ready to do more.” So, concluded the EU High Representative.



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