Is West To Be Blamed For The Way Iran Burns Over Human Rights Violations?

Iran foreign minister

Iranians are bleeding in their hearts everywhere across the world, and more so after the death of Mahsa Amini has been declared as a natural one and not instigated by the moral policing she underwent.

The world is assembling in different ways to protest and support the cry against human rights and religious indoctrination by the Iranian administration. But the result has been that Iran itself is blaming the west for ‘instigating violence’ in its own country.

Iran has been blaming the west for the protests that are now fuelled over a recent death of another young girl, who went missing from the protest marches that were organized for slam Ms. Amini. On a frantic search set out by her parents, Nika was found in a morgue of one of the Iranian detention center. Her last conversation over her phone was with her friend saying that she had been arrested by Iranian authorities.

Iranians have since taken to the streets to protest against the government’s mistreatment of women. They have been removing and burning their headscarves while chanting “death to the dictator”.

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In order to cover the whole thing up, the Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has apparently blamed the West for fueling such hate amongst women for their own administration. “The concern for women’s rights in Iran is extremely important to us,” Mr. Abdollahian said in a phone call with his Finnish counterpart Pekka Haavisto. “Now women play a very influential role in various academic, scientific, medical, educational, administrative and technological fields.”

Mr Abdollahian has further said that Tehran supports peaceful demonstrations, a citizen’s legal right. “But in the meantime, some rioters, with foreign directives and incitement from foreign TV channels, destroyed public property, attacked citizens and internal security forces with firearms and cold weapons, which is unacceptable anywhere in the world,” he added.

The blame has been shifted to all those nations that are supporting the human rights demonstrations demanding justice for women who are repeatedly harassed or killed over moral policing and religious indoctrination by the Iranian government.

Meanwhile, the mother of Nika Shahkarami, has also accused authorities of threatening her to make a forced confession over the death of her daughter.



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