Israel hospital sacks doctor for giving flower to Palestinian boy


According to Quds Press, an Israeli hospital has fired a Palestinian doctor for giving a flower to a Palestinian youngster hurt during an Israeli raid in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood.

Dr. Ahmad Mahajneh, an Israeli citizen from Umm Al-Fahm and a cardiologist and lung expert, was fired from the renowned Hadassah Medical Center.

Ahmed Qteish, 16, was wounded as Israeli occupation troops opened fire on a group of kids playing soccer on a football field in an occupied Palestinian neighbourhood. He was given the flower by the man.

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More than a month has passed since the kid began receiving treatment. According to the Israeli occupation forces, they shot him because they thought he was going to stab someone.

Human rights organizations remarked that “Hadassah Medical Center is an example of Israel’s bigotry” in many remarks. “Israeli media incitement played a significant influence in the cardiologist’s termination.”




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