Israeli far right’s Ben-Gvir to be minister in coalition deal


The far-right Jewish Power party and Benjamin Netanyahu’s orthodox Likud party in Israel have agreed to form a coalition government, Likud announced on Friday.

Ben-Gvir receives the police ministry and a spot in the security cabinet as a result of the arrangement, which does not take into account the formation of an entirely new government in Israel.

Ben-Gvir added in the statement, “We took a huge step tonight toward a comprehensive coalition agreement, toward building a totally, fully right-wing government.

Israel’s election on November 1 saw a resounding victory for Netanyahu’s Likud and its far-right and religious allies, putting an end to nearly four years of political unrest. Though negotiations with coalition members are taking longer than expected, his attempts to quickly establish a government have run into obstacles.

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Given that the upcoming administration appears to be the most right-wing in Israeli history, Netanyahu will have to strike a delicate diplomatic balance between his coalition and Western partners.

In 2007, Ben-Gvir was found guilty of supporting terrorism, inciting racism against Arabs, and engaging in anti-LGBT agitation. He claims that he no longer supports the evacuation of all Palestinians, simply those who he views as terrorists or traitors.

Ben-Gvir is an anti-Palestinian state settler who lives in the West Bank, which Israel conquered in the Middle East conflict of 1967. Additionally, he is in favor of Jewish worship at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, a remnant of the ancient Jewish temples, which is located on a sensitive site in Jerusalem.



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