Israel under pressure to release five Palestinians on hunger strike


Israel IsraelAfter Israel arrested five Palestinains on hunger strike for weeks for a protest they were peacefully carrying out against a biased policy, there is a lot of pressure that has been mounted upon the country to release them.

Several International organisations are demanding the release of these five Palestinians but any official announcement is yet to be made.These Palestinians have been protesting because of a controversial policy for holding them in cells without any charges. They have been fasting for over 120 days and yet the Israeli officials are adamant on keeping them, further neglecting their severe condition.

Israeli officials have also not yet confirmed the duration they are planning to keep these Palestianians but if reports are to be believed, they have been kept there indefinitely. According to Israel, the policy is called ‘administrative detention’ and it essentially has been brought to force to keep in check their enemies.

A statement from the Israeli officials states that the policy is needed so that they can detain suspects without disclosing sensitive intelligence but according to the Paletsinian officials, this policy denies them basic human rights and prohibits them from going about the whole process.

Another faulty practice in the policy is that these suspects can also be held with the Israeli officials in the Israelii cells for months or years without even having any evidence against them. Protesting against the policy, Paletsinians have been calling for answers from the Isralei government while also scheduling rallies.

If not Israel, Paletsinian covered places like the West Bank, Gaza strip and others which are not directly controlled by Israel. Several prisoners have been carrying out hunger strikes in recent years to call out the discrimnation of the policy and also started campaigning for livable prison conditions.

Their demand was for Israel to provide better prison conditions especially because there are many detainees from Palestine and that makes them get subjected to terrible prison conditions. On questioning the Israeli military about the same, the organization did not comment on the issue. Teh arrested Palestinians fall in the age group of 28-45 and they have been on an announced hunger strike for 32 days. Another person who had announced hunger strike before these five Palestinians ended the fast on Thursday after he was guaranteed of being released in three months.



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