top 8 things every visitor must do in taif

Top 8 Things Every Visitor Must Do In Taif

Taif, sometimes referred to as the City of Roses, is one of Saudi Arabia’s most fascinating travel destinations. August is when the city really flowers,

al khobar
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9 Must-Try Things To Do In Al Khobar in 2024

Nestled along the picturesque coast of the Arabian Gulf, Al Khobar is a bustling city in Saudi Arabia known for its modern amenities, cultural attractions,

houthis hit trafigura oil tanker by missile

Houthis Hit Trafigura Oil Tanker By Missile In Red Sea, Fire Breaks Out On Board

An oil tanker named Marlin Luanda, managed by Trafigura, was hit by a missile in the Gulf of Aden after crossing the Red Sea. This

nato kosovo

Serbia Commends Turkiye for Taking Command of Kosovo Force

Turkiye came in as savior for both Serbia and Kosovo when it took command of NATO’s Kosovo Force (KFOR) as both sides were involved in

navigating the turkish iranian struggle for influence in the caucasus
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Navigating the Turkish-Iranian Struggle for Influence in the Caucasus

Turkey and Iran are currently engaged in a power struggle over influence in the South Caucasus, a region distinguished by its complicated network of ethnicities,

remembering jimmy buffett the beach bum icon who built an empire
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Remembering Jimmy Buffett: The Beach-Bum Icon Who Built an Empire

The music industry lost a legend on September 1, 2023, with the 76-year-old singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett passing away. Buffett’s influence went far beyond music, as

beware popular ai tools worsening eating disorder symptoms
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Beware! Popular AI tools worsening eating disorder symptoms

A recent study by the Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) examined popular text-based AI tools, such as ChatGPT, Google’s Bard and My AI from

irans defense exports surge amid growing ambitions and controversies
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Iran’s Defense Exports Surge Amid Growing Ambitions and Controversies

According to reports, Iran has significantly increased its defence exports, signalling a step up in its efforts to become a regional defence behemoth. The disclosure,

unveiling arab youth emigration a call for urgent action and sustainable solutions
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Unveiling Arab Youth Emigration: A Call for Urgent Action and Sustainable Solutions

A depressing trend is stealthily gaining ground in the heart of the Arab world: the rising dejection of Arab youth throughout the Levant and North