Miss Lebanon Set to Grace 72nd Miss Universe Pageant

ms lebanon

Maya Aboul Hosn is set to spotlight Lebanon at an international beauty pageant, the 72nd Miss Universe, this coming week in El Salvador. She has the Miss Universe Lebanon title in her kitty and is excited about representing her country on the global stage.

“I always knew I wanted to represent my country in some way and when the opportunity to be part of Miss Lebanon came, I couldn’t say no.” Aboul Hosn has been drawn to the spotlight since a child. She used to take photos on her parents’ flip-phone and make short videos.

There Should Be No Standards for Beauty

While Aboul Hosn loves participating in beauty pageants, she believes there are no standards for beauty. “I believe there is no right or wrong. There’s no pretty or ugly. But things are changing. The standards for beauty pageants are different now.”

She highlighted that there are no age limit. “They teach women how to embrace their uniqueness. And that’s why I want to inspire girls to always embrace their uniqueness. You are pretty just the way you are. You don’t have to be perfect.

“Most people say that we only have beauty and not the brain. That is absolutely wrong. We are all educated, we all have plans for the future. That’s why we are here, to use our platforms for change and to spread awareness.”

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Miss Lebanon Wants to be Role Model

Born and raised in a small Lebanese village, Aboul Hosn wants to be a role model for young girls. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she began to document her day-to-day life on Instagram to share it with the world. Through that, she garnered 100,000 followers.

After winning the Miss Lebanon 2022 competition, she joined the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International channel as a morning-show host. Aboul Hosn hopes to be a role model in the Arab world.

“My main cause is to be a role model for every girl. I come from a very humble family. I am not a wealthy princess. I worked hard to achieve what I want. And that’s what I want every girl to know. If you work hard, you can achieve your dreams and goals.”

But Aboul Hosn says it’s not going to be easy. “There is a huge responsibility because I’m representing my country.” She has crossed her fingers saying she will work very hard and give the best that she can.



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