Bahrain: Manama is the Capital of Gulf Tourism for 2024

manama is the capital of gulf tourism for 2024

Manama, in recognition of Bahrain’s outstanding contributions and efforts in elevating the Gulf tourism sector, has declared it as the capital of Gulf tourism for the year 2024. The city was selected during the 7th meeting of the ministers responsible for tourism in GCC countries, in Oman last week.

Abdulla bin Adel Fakhro, Minister of Industry and Commerce and Acting Minister of Tourism, said Bahrain is a testament to a series of successful tourism endeavors at local, regional, and international levels.

Dr Nasser Qaedi, Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA) CEO, said the kingdom has positioned the tourism sector at the forefront of its developmental agenda. He believes the strategic positioning recognizes the sector’s pivotal role in driving the sustainable development.

“Under this vision, substantial investments have been channeled into expanding tourism infrastructure, refining tourism services, and establishing high-quality facilities. These endeavors are aimed at attracting a greater influx of tourists worldwide.”

Bahrain Has Ambitious Tourism Goals

BTEA is working towards crafting success stories, and fulfilling its tourism goals as outlined in the kingdom’s 2022-2026 strategy. It has transformed Bahrain into a beacon of adaptability, diversity, and consistent tourism growth.

Dr Qaedi highlighted that the kingdom recorded 10 million tourists in 2022. “We assure our GCC visitors of an exceptional tourism year ahead.

Anticipate the launch of several high-quality tourism initiatives and an array of exclusive travel packages tailored for GCC citizens and residents – these offerings are meticulously designed to attract a broader audience, enhance tourism appeal across all sectors.”

In the GCC, Bahrain promotes collaborative endeavors within the region’s tourism industry. It recognizes tourism’s potential as an important sector that can drive economic growth, and bring about sustainable development.

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Bahrain Exceeds Target

Furthermore, the Kingdom of Bahrain has exceeded its tourism strategy 2022-2026 target. The Minister of Tourism Fatima Jaffar Al Sairafi said success of their national strategy depends on the cooperation of all government and private institutions in creating opportunities, providing jobs, and diversifying the source of income and supporting Bahrain’s gross domestic product.

She explained the strategy is made up of four pillars – destinations, arrival, marketing and accommodation. Bahrain’s tourism industry is also working on the hospitality sector for holistic growth.



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