Morocco and Algeria, tensions are rising: from the war of statements to that of drones


Morocco MoroccoThe story may always seem the same: since independence (1956), Rabat continues to assert its reasons in the appropriate forums to formalize with the most significant number of allies. This part has always considered Western Sahara part of its territory.

A mess, a legacy of colonialism by Spain and still disputed today with the slight separatist movement Polisario Front, which in reality has its backs well covered both politically and economically by giant Algeria. It is an old story of borders, territories, sovereignty, and interests, but which always re-emerges today, precisely because, as in many other parts of the world of countries scarred by colonialism, it was possible to damage even once packed. It was carefully avoided to leave historical clarity on the colonized countries.

It is even worse, dragging up to date and mutilating the potential of entire populations with the instrument of ambiguity, which ensured the fragility of the countries concerned by bringing in dowry a solid point to former settlers. Of which one can never completely get rid of.

Therefore, the spotlight is on the old dispute between Morocco and Algeria over Western Sahara because a not very reassuring front seems to be opening up. In 2019, with the arrival of Abdelmadjid Tebboune – who was to open a new season of Algerian political-institutional life capable of putting an end to a new phase of the transaction – the results are even worse, and with a permanently fixed point: the enemy always remains neighboring Morocco.

All the energies of Algiers – although the country has much more to think about, to improve the living conditions of Algerians who have a collapsing economy – continue to be directed towards the neighbor and everything possible to find divisive and valuable raise the level of the confrontation with Rabat. The accusations against Rabat, as guilty of the fires that affected Kabylia this summer.

To not address internal problems, it was decided to shift attention to an external confrontation with entirely spurious accusations due to their fragility and inconsistency. Yet, this meant the decision by Algiers to close its airspace to Morocco. In defiance of the agreements with Spain and Europe, the gas pipeline taps, passing from Algeria via Morocco to Spain, have also been closed. An initiative that has effectively interrupted a critical energy supply to the Spaniards equal to 6 billion cubic meters of gas threatens to bring Madrid to its knees when the country is suffering from an unstoppable escalation in electricity prices. The intention is evident to get its strength to Europe with an attitude of blackmail.

The president of Algeria, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, said three fellow citizens were killed following a “cowardly assassination” perpetrated on the Algerian border with Mauritania in the disputed Western Sahara region. Mauritania categorically denied that this attack took place on its walls, but anyway, there is also talk of “sophisticated weapons” from Algiers. Mohammed VI explained that there is no negotiation on the Sahara.



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