Precious Medical Capital Moving Focus To Richer Nations: WHO Report


There is a need for medical staff all over the world. But poor countries are far more at a loss as many medical practitioners are leaving fore richer countries to get jobs. The fragile medical systems in poorer nations are further being strained due to lack of medical staff.

Further, there have been a significant loss of lives of frontline medical staff workers too that has reduced workforce in poorer nations. According to the WHO reports, an estimated 115000 workers had lost their lives. This was primarily in Africa, Latin America and Asia itself, over the last few months when new variant lead catastrophes have rocked the continents.

In richer countries, the trend of foreign-born medical staff and doctors has increased over a decade. A gender equality organization along with the WHO is working to encourage absorption of more women staff workers in France for example. The WHO is already floating advertisements for over 6 million women nurses and medical practitioners to join forces across the globe.

Currently, women account for about 90% of nurses and midwives, close to 50% of all doctors, and make up 70% of all health and care workers worldwide. Many are wishing to quit due to lack of Covid-19 jabs to them, unpaid work, unhealthy functioning conditions, no rest and other causes too. It has been more than 2 years and the world continues to fight ways and means to control the pandemic.

As governments – including those of Mexico, Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Liberia – commit to the gender policy initiative, millions of health and care workers in these countries have already reported being unpaid or underpaid with no access to Covid vaccines. A WHO finding claims that nations from where staff were being enticed “were already facing severe shortages of skilled health workers before the Covid-19 pandemic”.

These kinds of unfair practices must be stopped for the sake of humanity at large. Further, the loss of lives of experts, scientists and researchers is far bigger a loss than it can quantified. Some kind of a mechanism needs to be worked out to mitigate this kind of loss of human capital which is severely affecting developing and underdeveloped nations of Africa and America, to speak of the least.



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