Russia once again targets Ukraine but this by cyber attack


Russia RussiaRussia has kept a keen eye on Ukraine despite all the warnings that have been given by the world leaders. There has been a cyber attack on Ukrainian officials as their computer gets flooded with a message ‘be afraid and expect the worst’.

The message has reportedly been sent by Russian hackers who want to keep threatening Ukraine with its advances. Till now, Russia has already massed nearly 100,000 soldiers on its border with Ukraine and has already released pictures of it. This attack took place only a few hours after Ukraine and Russia talked about the growing discrepancies between each other. The meeting did not reach any conclusions even after continuously debating what has been going around with the recent layer of climate.

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Following the attack, which the country is still struggling to overcome, the US jumped at the opportunity to support the country. The White House National Security Council (NSC) spokesperson said that the US along with its allies will completely support Ukraine in investigating the nature and impact of the cyberattack.

A reporter further ensured that the cyberattack was carried out by a Russian intelligence service, the US diplomat said that they cannot comment on that as they don’t have an attribution at this time. The incident has proved to be a serious blow to all the efforts that the world leaders, especially the Biden administration, has been putting to stop Russia from inching closer to Russia. Biden has failed to come up with the solution to draw down its military buildup on Russia’s border with Ukraine.



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