Russia yet to finalize deal on giving Iran advanced weapons


Iran IranIran and Russia have been in talks for a weaponry deal for which the Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi will be visiting Russia this month itself. He is expected to talk and eventually purchase sophisticated weapons.

As per latest report, the purchase by the Iranian president is to ensure safety and protection from a potential Israeli threat especially after Israel has been growing airstrikes in the last few months. Having said that, it is not necessary that Russia will outrightly be supporting Iranian president by giving a nod to this deal and it is highly possible that Raisi may leave disappointed after the talks.

Despite whatever promises Russia makes to Iran and takes a stand against Iran in whatever manner, Moscow has never fully agreed to strengthening military ties with Tehran. But Iran’s expectations from the Putin administration started growing when it observed that even though Russia does not fulfill its demands, it has been using Iran to balance its relations with Western powers.

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Moscow is in a very crucial spot at the moment as it is fighting world leaders for its attempt to capture Ukraine last month. It is already trying to get the better of the United States in the region and with Tehran still in the process of finalizing the nuclear deal, Russia cannot risk its stance.

According to certain reports, governments of Egypt, Algeria and Indonesia have pulled out from their military deals with Moscow amid the economic sanctions as it is believed that it was the US which has threatened to punish Cairo if it purchases arms from Russia. Hence, if Russia accepts Iran’s deal, it will only benefit the losses incurred by three countries pulling out but the deep waters Moscow is in surely will not make the decision easy.



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