Should the terrorism financier Qatar be hosting World Cup?


Qatar Qatar-A tiny country, both in terms of land and population, Qatar holds a rather disproportionate command with its global presence. The presence is however, for financing terrorism. Now with hosting the FIFA World Cup this year, the global attention is centered on the Gulf country – for violating rights of workers contracted for the tournament and for its enabling role in terrorism.

Funding Hamas

Qatar still remains one of the largest funder and supporter of Hamas, pledging millions of dollars to the Palestinian militant group. Over past decades Qatar has also offered shelter to many Hamas affiliates, including Saleh al-Arouri, the founder of Hamas’ military wing, Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

While the organization has been listed as terrorist group in large number of countries, Qatar has extended support, funds and weaponry to the militant group.

Supporting extremist groups in Iraq and Syria

There have been accusations that Qatar has had a prominent role in supporting civil war in Iraq and Syria by backing and financing Islamic State group and al Qaeda.

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Sponsor of terrorism and host of World Cup?

Qatar has established itself as a sponsor of terrorism by continuing to fund and harbour terrorists and terrorist organisations. But with its role as World Cup host which would be watched across the globe, the country’s role in sponsoring and financing terrorism must be brought to the debate table.

International security is an important global issue which should not be faded away as the country hosts a sports event while playing with global security. What is your take on this? Join the conversation and comment in the section below.



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