Somalia’s legislators and senators are sworn in


Somalia SomaliaOn Thursday, Somalia’s new MPs were sworn in at the ‘big tent,’ a spacious lounge within the perimeter of Mogadishu’s Aden Abdulle International Airport, signaling a crucial step toward the formation of a new government. Over 90% of members of the People’s House (the lower house of parliament with a maximum of 275 MPs) and the Upper House (commonly known as the Senate with 54 seats) are required to take an oath to serve the country.

The People’s House Secretary-General, Abdikarim Buh, declared Wednesday night that the swearing-in event will go forward as planned. A huge group of newcomers and re-elected members arrived at the General Kahiye Police Academy, where they were transported within the airport perimeter by organized buses.

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As MPs and Senators prepared to take the oath, Somalia’s Minister of Commerce, Khalif Omar, who was re-elected in Hirshabelle State in Central Somalia, stated his optimism that the 11th parliament will be more dynamic. “This is a historic day,” Buh remarked, adding that the number of MPs and senators sworn in will be announced at the end of the event.



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