Terrorists hold true power in Somalia for the last five years, who is empowering them?


Somalia SomaliaPresident Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, a former US citizen, has often tried to stay in power illegally by cracking down on dissidents and journalists. This has led to the breakup of Kenya and made the federal structure of Somalia less stable.

Shabaab has grown as a result of political unrest and severe divides within the security services. The organization has carried out a large-scale attack on the African Union headquarters, killing at least 10 Burundian peacekeepers and sending suicide car bombs.

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In the weeks and months leading up to the election, government officials interviewed Many Somalis, MPs, experts, diplomats, and aid workers who were asked about the country’s political, security, and humanitarian situations before Sunday’s election said they were worried. “These five years have been five years lost, and we have lost the link to the country,” Hussein Sheikh Ali, a former national security adviser to President Mohamed Farmaajo and chairman of the Hiraal Institute, which has a research center in Mogadishu, stated.

According to observers, President Farmajo has done everything he can to stay in power, including exerting pressure on the electoral commission and choosing state leaders who could assist him in avoiding elections and running for parliament. To add to his fan base Last year, when he signed a two-year extension of his rule, it triggered street protests in the capital, compelling him to resign. Observers pointed out that corruption and fraud were common in the legislative election from the start.



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