Haftar’s LNA forces accuse Turkey of violating truce agreement by supplying arms to Libyan government

On Monday, the forces of Libyan warlord General Khalifa Haftar, which control the country’s eastern territory, intercepted a commercial vessel with Jamaican flag. Further investigation


Continued Turkish provocations undermine peace in Libya

Turkish Defense Ministry spokesman Pinar Kara said publicly on Sunday that the Turkish army has trained 2,301 Libyan soldiers, and 264 people have received military


Libya: Despite scepticism, the oil agreement convinces the International community

Russia is satisfied, Turkey agrees, the United States approves with reservations, the United Nations is silent. These are the reactions of the main international actors

Middle East

End of crisis or beginning: Egyptian forces enter Libya, Turkey slams it as ‘Illegal’

On Friday, Egyptian forces entered Libya backing upthe war-torn country’s warlord General Haftar Khalifa’s forces (Libyan National Army….

General Khalifa Haftar

UN Libya mission reports success in truce talks between warring sides

UN Libya mission on Wednesday reported resumption of truce talks between the warring factions of the country, one headed..