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OPEC+ has helped reduce oil price volatility

A new study has highlighted the positive effects of OPEC+, an extended group of oil producers created in 2017….

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Oil Production Slashed Worldwide At May 1 Deadline Under Pandemic Pressure

As the world continues to follow social distancing norms and shutdowns, the demand for crude is hit rock bottom, forcing the Kingdom and Kuwait to

Mustafa al-Kadhimi in his office
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US grants 30-day waiver extension to Iraq for buying energy from Iran

On Sunday, the US government announced the renewal of Iraq’s energy waiver, allowing the country to import gas and oil from Iran for next 30

On Wednesday, top oil exporter Saudi Arabia stated that it would launch a program to expand production limit
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Oil and Gas Supply Demand Severely Hit By Virus Outbreak

The outbreak of the Coronavirus is the only thing that is worrying the world’s oil demand and supply at the moment. According to media reports,