Top Arab Gamers & Streamers In 2022

Top Arab Gamers & Streamers In 2022

Since 2010, the popularity of live-streaming video games has increased significantly. On websites like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitch, where experts post a variety of gaming-related content for millions of fans to watch, livestream services have taken off by 2022.

We’ve compiled a list of Arab streamers & gamers for you if you enjoy watching live streams and playing video games.

List of Top Arab Gamers & Streamers In 2022

The Top Arab Gamers & Streamers In 2022 are shown below. This data is based on people’s suggestions or these gamers’ YouTube Subscribers.

1. Maherco Gaming

Maherco Gaming is specialized in PUBG, and in eradicating hackers! He is very active on a daily basis on Facebook.

2. Colonel

He got the moniker due to his First Person Shooter gaming background and noticeable mustache. If you enjoy Call of Duty: Warzone or Rainbow Six Siege, subscribe.

3. Pisty

Pisty has played every strange game you’ve ever heard of or played! The Red Bull Gaming Channel is another place where you may catch his streams.

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4. Sayed Hashem tekken_master

Sayed Hashem is a Bahraini professional Tekken and Mortal Kombat player. member of the NasrEsports squad, three-time EVO finalist, and multiple title winner.

5. Derrad

He would virtually always talk about something! You name it: games, gaming stories, information that only he has access to. Just so you know, he would not hesitate to mention the nutritional advantages of carrots!


Even though Ruba Jaiousy is the only female gamer on our list, there are other women in the Arab World.

Her channel has soundtrack games, gaming tutorials, advice on how to complete a game, and more. She specializes in role-playing games.



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