Tunisia’s ex-president sentenced to four years in prison


Tunisia TunisiaOn Wednesday, a Tunisian court sentenced former Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki, in absentia, to four years in prison after he was convicted of assaulting foreign state security.

Today, the Court of First Instance in Tunisia indicted Moncef Marzouki, according to the Tunis Africa News Agency, on charges of “assaulting external state security,” and sentenced him to 4 years in prison, with immediate enforcement.

The agency said that the accusations leveled at Marzouki were represented in the attack on the external security of the state, by deliberately Tunisian linking contacts with agents of a foreign country whose purpose was to harm the diplomatic situation of the Tunisian country.

On October 15, the Court of Appeals in Tunisia opened an investigation into the statements of former President Moncef Marzouki, the strong opponent of the Kais Saied coup in which he said that he sought to thwart holding the Francophone summit in Tunisia at the end of this year.

Al-Marzouki had previously denied calling for external forces to interfere in Tunisia’s affairs, and said during an interview with ‘Al Jazeera Mubasher’ channel that “While I asked France not to support the coup and not to interfere in Tunisia’s issues, they accused me of calling for external intervention. “

He added, ‘National radio stations did not give me the right to respond. Saied is the third dictator I deal with, as if history is repeating itself. These are the same accusations that I heard during the era of Ben Ali and Bourguiba According to them, the opponent is always a traitor.’

What is noticeable in the case is the speed of the procedures. In his first meeting with the government, Saied called on the Minister of Justice to sue the former president and human rights defender, Moncef Marzouki while usually it takes years until the court issues its judgment .



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