10 Most Beautiful Saudi Arabian Actresses You Should Know About


Saudi Arabia Saudi ArabiaSaudi Actresses are famous for their beauty and hard work across the Middle East. Some of these actresses have different blood descent like British, Palestinian and Yemeni. These actresses have been part of some of the highest-grossing films and series. Let’s know about the 10 most beautiful Saudi Arabian Actresses.

10 most beautiful Saudi Arabian Actresses

Dina Shihabi

Dina Shihabi is a Saudi Arabian-Palestinian actress working in the United States. She is one of the most famous Saudi Arabian actresses. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Amira & Sam, Altered Carbon, and Cigarette Soup are some of her famous TV shows and movies. She has beautiful skin, hair, and eyes.

Ayisha Hart

Aiysha Hart is a British-Saudi actress. She is best known for playing DS Sam Railston in Line of Duty and Ariadne in the BBC drama series Atlantis. She has fair skin and good height. She is popular across the Middle East.

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Mila Al Zahrani

Mila Al-Zahrani is a popular and beautiful Saudi actress. She has starred in many hit series and movies, including Boxing Girls, The Fate Hotel, and Cello. She was also nominated for an award at Venice Film Festival for her role in The Perfect Candidate. She has a pretty face, beautiful eyes, and a perfect body shape.

Nermin Mohsen

Nermin Mohsen is one of the most beautiful Saudi Arabian actresses. She is famous for The Blue Whale, Mumg, and Milyar Riyal. Her face is extremely beautiful. She captures the heart of the audience through her acting skills and beauty.

Waad Mohammed

Waad Mohammed has been part of the revolutionary Saudi Arabian movie Wadjda. She is one of the most beautiful Saudi Arabian actresses. She is also one of the most desirable Saudi Arabian actresses.

Elham Ali

Elham Ali is one of the successful Saudi Arabian actresses. Fans are crazy for her mesmerising looks and dressing style. She is famous for Ashman, Bibi, and Zero Distance. She has a gorgeous face structure and beautiful hair.

Sumaya Rida

Sumaya Rida is famous for her charismatic personality, graceful looks and acting talent. She has become a household name in TV and cinema. She starred in the first Saudi horror movie “Junoon” in 2019. She has beautiful eyes and a cute smile. People go gaga over her charming personality.

Reem Abdullah

Reem Abdullah is a critically acclaimed Saudi Arabian actress. She is known for her beautiful eyes. She is best known for her roles in the television series Tash Ma Tash (2017) and the BAFTA-nominated film, Wadjda. She began her career in 2007.

Nora Bo Awadh

Nora Bo Awadh is a famous Saudi Arabian actress, influencer and make-up artist. She is one of the most beautiful women in Saudi Arabia. She has 3.4 million subscribers on Instagram. She has also won many awards.

Ahd Kamel

Ahd Kamel is known for her role in the BAFTA-nominated film, Wadjda and her role as Fatima in BBC Two’s Collateral. Fans love her endearing and compassionate personality. She is one of the most successful and beautiful Saudi Arabian actresses.

This is the list of the 10 most beautiful Saudi Arabian actresses. Who is your favourite actress?  If you have any other names of beautiful Saudi Arabian actresses which deserve to be listed here, you can give your suggestion in the comment section.



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