Iraq: Katyusha missiles targeted a US oil company

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On Monday morning, rockets landed near a foreign workers’ neighborhood in the oil sector which includes the American “Halliburton” company for oil services in Iraq, sources revealed.

3 Katyusha rockets were fired in the morning, hitting residential and administrative headquarters in the Burjisiya neighborhood, west of Basra, in southern Iraq. The police reported.

“Security forces found and dismantled a bomber with 11 missiles ready for launch.” An Iraqi army statement said.

The neighborhood includes foreign workers in the oil sector and offices of Iraqi and foreign oil companies, but it has been largely empty in recent weeks after almost all foreign workers were evacuated due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, an Iraqi employee at Halliburton said that the rockets fell far from the company site.

“The attack did not affect production and export operations.” Two officials from the Basra Oil Company, which monitors oil operations in the south, said.

No one has claimed responsibility for the missile attack so far, and the police said they have deployed additional forces to carry out searches in the area. Military bases that include foreign forces in Iraq have been subjected to rocket attacks by Iranian militias, since last year.



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