5 Most Famous Russian Prisons Till Date

Russian Prisons

Russia RussiaSeparate jailhouses were not in high demand in ancient Russia; instead, convicts were held in caves excavated into the ground. In addition, criminals were detained in underground passages beneath fortress walls, and separate cells might be constructed in monasteries.

Meanwhile, in Cheboksary, midway between Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan, Russia’s oldest distinct prison house was established in what used to be the state’s easternmost boundaries.

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Now the cave cages aren’t in operation. Convicts are imprisoned in highly-secured prisons. Here is a list of 5 most famous Russian prisons till date.

  1. Cheboksary Prison
    The oldest working prison in Russia is still standing in its original location in Moscow. Nobody has ever escaped Russia’s oldest and largest prison, Cheboksary. It was constructed to conquer the indigenous Tatar tribes and force them to pay tribute to the Tsardom of Moscow.
  2. Butyrka Prison Castle
    In the location now known as Butyrka, a wooden castle was built in 1771 for prisoners. Emelyan Pugachev was imprisoned here in the bottom of a wooden tower in 1775. The prison was reconstructed as a stone castle with 4 towers including a wall.
  3. Matrosskaya Tishina Prison
    The Moscow prison, opened in 1775, can hold up to 1,700 inmates. The street where it is situated is also known as ‘Matrosskaya Tishina,’ which translates to “The Silence of the Sailors.” During WWII, parts of the structure were used to house Nazi criminals.
  4. Vladimir Central Prison
    The Vladimir Central Prison was established in 1783, during the reign of Catherine. It was converted into a fortified and well guarded detention institution in 1906. The Vladimir Central Prison is currently a high-security facility. The most dangerous and significant convicts were kept here, and no jailbreaks were recorded during the prison’s history.
  5. ‘Kresty’ (‘Crosses’) Prison
    ‘Kresty’ was one of Russia’s most known prisons, having been founded in 1868. The Kresty has been closed since 2017, and the inmates have been transferred to another detention facility. About 200 convicts remain in the facility, which they maintain and repair.

These are the 5 most famous Russian prisons till date. Have you met any prisoners till date? Let’s know what you feel about them by commenting below!



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