Is The Climate Crises Favoring Extremist Agendas World Over?

climate change

The rising chances of climate crises being used as a perfect reason for extremists and terrorists to thrive has become real, a study by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Reponses to Terrorism (START) has revealed.

In 2021, the UAE, France and Niger along with other concerned nations had requested the United Security Council to make a serious note of how climate crises could become the easy reason for extremist groups to target suffering commoners in countries most effected by climate change crises. Niger, which holds the council’s rotating presidency in December, urged members to pass a draft resolution on climate change and terrorism, but faced opposition from Russia, China and others.

According to the START report, violent extremist groups are said to be trying to radicalize people who had lost their livelihoods to climate change. What else is letting these Far-right extremist groups thrive is the use of Ecofascist tactics to exploit ethnic groups that are caught in internal strives in African countries primarily.

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They are exploiting cultural clashes between ethnic groups as populations are forced to leave their traditional homes in a search for new land to ensure their long-term survival. Further, there is an evident surge in the number of refugees starting to build in various parts of the world. There are reasons to believe that this exodus will be used as bait for furthering terrorism at various levels- from brainwashing youth and young children into army recruitments, to using them as human bombs and the likes of terrorism.

The report suggests as to how the ISIS has already exploited the climate change crisis to recruit people in Iraq, where changing weather patterns had prevented them from earning livelihoods from the land. It is for a fact that joblessness and despair leave people vulnerable to hardliners. The other extremist groups taking great advantage of this are Boko Haram and Al Shabab.



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