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Middle East

Coalition ousts Netanyahu as Israeli Prime Minister ending his 12 years power-run

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s longest serving prime minister, has been ousted from power by opposition coalition thereby ending his 12 years run in power. On Sunday


Putin says relationship with US at its ‘lowest ebb’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the relationship between Russia and the US is at its “lowest point” in years. He, in an interview


Nuclear deal talks between Iran and world powers to resume on Saturday

A top Iranian official has confirmed that nuclear deal talks between Iran and the world powers will be resumed on Saturday in Vienna. This is


Wave Of Reform Certain In Israel With New Governance

The Benjamin Netanyahu era is finally coming to an end in Israel. But will this be good news for the country really, only time can

Middle East

Fierce legal battle for compensation keeps Ever Given grounded in Egyptian waters

Ever Given, the 220,000 ton cargo ship has been grounded in Egyptian waters by authorities as legal battle rages between ship’s owners, insurance companies and


Mossad chief signals Israel behind Iran nuclear attacks

This news comes as a shock to many but there is solid intel behind this allegation. Among the major attack to target Iran, none have


Are shipments arriving at Gaza from Egypt a sign of Cairo taking over the disputed region?

Since the last few months, the Gaza Strip has been in the news for all the wrong news. Last Friday, there were many shipments that


Egypt to pay yearly fees of 22 WDO member states

Bringing Women Development Organizations (WDO) in the focus, the Egyptian government has announced to pay an annual contribution to 22 of the world’s least-developed countries


Biden for mending ties with Russia

US President Joe Biden departs for the United Kingdom on Wednesday on his first international trip since taking office. The eight-day mission aims to rebuild


Who dethroned Netanyahu?

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister with a total of 15 years in office, has surpassed the reign of Israel’s founding father, David Ben-Gurion. Now