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yemeni tiktok influencer supports houthi rebels

Yemeni TikTok Influencer Supports Houthi Rebels, Accounts Suspended

Rashed Al-Haddad, a 19-year-old influencer from Yemen, is gaining attention for his TikTok videos supporting Yemen’s Houthi rebels.  Despite not being a member of this

iranian drones escalate sudan's civil war
Middle East

Red Sea Rivalry: How Iranian Drones Escalate Sudan’s Civil War

In Sudan’s civil war, Iranian drones are the latest proxy tool!  The civil war in Sudan has been a long-standing conflict that continues to ravage

sweden's nato membership
Middle East

Sweden’s NATO Membership Moves Forward With Turkey’s Approval

Turkey’s parliament has finally said yes to Sweden joining NATO. This decision is a big step in making NATO bigger, after waiting for 20 months.

egyptian actor ahmed el fishawy’s new film ‘adel mesh adel

Ahmed El-Fishawy’s New Film ‘Adel Mesh Adel’ Releasing On This Date

The Egyptian actor Ahmed El-Fishawy has been making headlines recently due to several events related to his new film, “Adel Mesh Adel.” The film is

alexa plus with advanced ai

Alexa Plus: Amazon Develops Paid Version of Alexa With Advanced AI

Amazon company is working on a new version of its Alexa voice assistant. This is the tool that lets you talk to machines and get

bahrain princess's investment in subic bay

Bahrain Princess’s Investment in Subic Bay: How this helps the Philippine Economy

The Philippines is set to receive a boost in its economic development as Bahrain Princess Shaikha Jawaher Bint Khalifa Al Khalifa plans to invest in

samsung launches galaxy s24

Samsung Launches Galaxy S24 With AI Technologies To Compete With Apple

Samsung has launched a new smartphone called the Galaxy S24. It’s really advanced, especially with its artificial intelligence features. These features are meant to challenge

kim jong un's stance on south korea relations

North Korea’s Strategic Shift: Kim Jong Un’s Stance on South Korea Relations

In a significant departure from decades-long efforts toward peaceful unification, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared that the country would abandon reconciliation with South

iran launches missiles on pakistan
Middle East

After Iraq And Syria, Iran Launches Missiles On Pakistan

Iran and Pakistan have recently been involved in a tense situation. In 2019, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, a high-ranking officer in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards,

iran conducts missile attacks in iraq, syria

Iran Conducts Missile Attacks In Iraq, Syria, To Revenge Israel, ISIS

Iran has recently conducted missile attacks in Iraq and Syria. The main target in Iraq was in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdish region. Here,