Car crash leaves five dead at Wisconsin parade


United States United StatesDeadly horror at Wisconsin parade as an SUV crashes into the group killing five and injuring over 40 people. The incident took place late Sunday when a car crashed into a Christmas parade on the city’s main street.

As per the latest piece of information, five were found to be dead and any further information about the number of people dead or injured is yet to come in. The person who was connaught for the incident is Darrell Brooks. The 39-year-old is in police custody and is being questioned about the incident.

Till now, the officials have not charged Brooks with any crime in connection with the incident as currently they are focusing on knowing the whereabouts of the accident. However, inside sources suggest that there is a high possibility that the circumstances surrounding the incident may have been motivated crime.

The police chief of Waukesha Daniel Thompson confirms that the person the police were looking for has been taken into custody on Sunday night itself. Other than that, four of the law enforcement officials also stressed that the person behind the accident may have a long criminal history and he is being questioned for them.

Many are assuming that the incident may be linked to terrorist activity however five sources from the site suggest that as per early stages of investigation, a terrosim angle is not being found. It also seems not in relation to the verdict came on Friday after the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

FBI will not be leading the team, confirmed an official stating that they are aware of the accident but it will be local authorities who will be leading the inquiry. As per a video available on social media and a few of the media networks, the red SUV can be seen speeding down the parade route into the crowd.



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