Sudan’s reinstated Prime Minister, Hamdok, has resumed his duties


Sudan’s reinstated prime minister, Abdalla Hamdok, indicated on Monday that he will be able to establish an independent cabinet. His remarks came a day after he signed a deal with the military, which had launched a coup and placed him under house arrest almost a month earlier. On Sunday, Hamdok, who was re-elected as Prime Minister by the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, inked a political deal to end the management crisis that erupted after the military intervention on October 25th.

Burhan reversed his plan to fire Hamduk as prime minister as part of the agreement. According to the Prime Minister’s Office, Hamduk had formally taken up his duties. “This is an important component of the political agreement we signed, which states that the prime minister should have the power and authority to build an independent and technocratic government in complete freedom and without external pressure.” This is why we signed the contract.

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To be quite honest, I have no personal goals to remain a figurehead, join a particular party or group, or increase my popularity. I’m only motivated by the weight of responsibility that has been placed on my shoulders. Only the aspirations and expectations of the Sudanese people guide me. Sudan’s reinstalled prime minister, Abdalla Hamdok, said as much. According to Sudanese medical sources, at least 41 people have died in protests since the October coup.

Because the problem requires a solution, the agreement is a part of the solution. Hamdok’s message is persuasive since he witnessed the deaths of young people on the streets and believes that the country is regressing, which would not improve the situation. Sudanese resident Omar Sayed expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation. Others, like Sudanese resident Ahmed Seif, expressed dissatisfaction.

“Hamdok signed in the end after people placed their hopes and goals in him. “We are surprised, but Hamdok will collapse, and the street will eventually express its opinion,” he explained. The country’s major political opposition parties have stated that the pact with the generals is unacceptable. Hamdok stated during the signing of the agreement with the military that his major goal was to stop the country’s youth from being killed.



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