China Russia Hinted At Fueling False Information Propaganda Online In US Vaccination Sabotage Drive


There is general misinformation propaganda going on against US vaccine dissemination. China and Russia has been involved in it too; though the bigger culprit seems to be social media giants like Facebook.

Russia has been clearly known to use fictitious accounts, proxy servers and social media channels to widespread and influence bad information sharing across its Western counterparts. On target has always been the US and UK.

Currently, the Biden administration is tightening the noose over American social media giants asking them to remove malicious misinformation sharing, especially pertaining to the US vaccine drive. While there is some truth in the fact that the pandemic is spreading like a wild fire due the more unvaccinated population, but speculations and fear are exasperating the panic in the country.

Further skepticism is being fueled, both by false posts and narratives spread by anti-vaccine activists online and apparently by Republican politicians too claiming the vaccinations are part of attempts at government control.

While Facebook is saying it has strong content checks and balances in place, more and more people are influenced thinking the country is not doing enough to vaccinate and control the virus. The problem is more pertinent with people who are misinformed about the efficacy of the vaccine and are refusing to get themselves administered with even a single dose. The country is battling the fast-spreading Delta variant which shows rapid signs of spread.

There are about 12 people who are producing 65 per cent of anti-vaccine misinformation on social media platforms. All of them remain active on Facebook, despite some even being banned on other platforms, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, without identifying those dozen posters.

Psaki has further added that the White House now “proposed that they create a robust enforcement strategy that bridges their properties and provides transparency about the rules.”



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